Today we celebrate and remember the very powerful, inspirational, & influential  world leader, Dr. Martin Luther King.

Growing up I remember watching his infamous " I have a dream speech" I remember hearing his powerful yet HUMBLE voice about equality.  It's still a bit mind blowing that because of people like Dr. King Im able to chase my goals, and truly FOLLOW MY DREAMS!

As I age ,Dr. Kings' impact becomes more important and influential in my day to day living. In todays' climate of racial tension, and sometimes bias beauty standards , I instead want to highlight the many reasons you should ALWAYS follow your dream and stay clear on your intentions and goals! As well as ALWAYS show love, be friendly, and network WITH people of ALL backgrounds, ethnicities!


AS I AWAKE , MEDITATE, & THANK GOD FOR ANOTHER DAY, I CUT ON Nicki Minaj "Barbie Dreams" to start my day. ( I love her, don't judge me! 🤸🏾‍♂️)  I  REread MARTIN LUTHER KINGS most powerful quote from his infamous " I have a dream speech"!


“I say to you today, my friends, that in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream.”


MLK HAS MANY quotes in that speech I can relate to however this one has spoke to me so heavily!!!

As a girl boss, a mother, hell, ANY  woman for that matter you have to ask yourself constantly, DO I STILL HAVE A DREAM? Do I still have the faith to keep going? DO I believe wholeheartedly I will accomplish my goals and aspirations?

 Am I going to let naysayers, pandemic talk, politics etc RUIN my legacy and everything I'm working to build? ( absolutely not) ! THINK; YES! I still have a dream, AND YES ;EVERY DAY I keep my  goals in mind to stay on track!


Listed below are a few tips and tricks to stay on track, stay intentional, and use social media to your advantage , not as a distraction!

Turn your DREAM into an EMPIRE

Although my brand is still up and coming , I do feel turning any dream and growing it is as follows

  • STAY POSITIVE; If you aren't confident in your dream NO ONE will be!
  • GET CLEAR on your intentions ; ANYONE can run a business, anyone can "Sell lashes" what will your brand be known for? What is the theme and mantra of your business? Who is your audience? How much time are you willing to dedicate daily to accomplish your goals?
  • SET GOALS; BIG OR SMALL goal setting is KEY in accomplishing any dream you have. set a large goal, and break it down into daily, weekly, and monthly milestones.
  • Celebrate your wins! I am A FIRM BELIEVER in rewarding myself when I ACCOMPLISH my goals! To be honest when your starting and building a brand sometimes you may be your own cheerleader, and thats OK. Don't get discouraged by who ISN'T supporting you! Pay attention to your own success, and remember this is YOUR dream no one else's !


 NETWORK with the RIGHT professionals

  • Networking is KEY to chasing and following ANY DREAM! In the "Im a millionaire social media era" it can be VERY EASY to think people are "successful" by the way they may present themselves. Vacations, fancy cars, and 8 course dinners does NOT automatically equate to success. Most successful entrepreneurs and CEOS use social media to MARKET effectively not necessarily show off their extravagant lifestyle! I like to network , engage and reach out to other business professionals  in which I see promotion of there brand and what it stands for INSTEAD of the materialistic things they may purchase! I also follow lots of women WHOM INSPIRE ME not that cause envy or jealousy!

  • Success is a mixture of consistency, discipline, and stepping OUTSIDE your comfort zone! You have NO IDEA, who may see your posts, or where your next customer is, get comfortable mixing up your content, or your day to day social media routine!

THESE ARE JUST A FEW TIPS THAT help me continuously chase my dreams NO MATTER WHAT, is thrown my way!

Stay blessed


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