360 eyelash extension light

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Our new innovative 360 light works amazing for any beauty professional!


SLEEK DESIGN - Our 360 design assures complete coverage, client comfortability and PERFECT lighting!

EASILY ADJUSTABLE- the 360 light includes 2 dimmable adjusters. These adjusters control color temperature  and brightness level! PERFECT  to ensure AMAZING lash photos on ANY complexion.

STURDY BASE - the base of the light is completely flat TO AVOID ANY TIP OVERS! 

Includes phone holder - CREATE AMAZING content to attract HIGH END CUSTOMERS!



Our light comes in 2 different colors and 2 price options......

Our "affordable shipping" option takes 20 business days to arrive

Our " Luxury  shipping" option guarantees delivery to you in 14 days 



PLEASE select correct option for your delivery needs! 




Size 680*262*70 mm
Weight 6.5 Kg


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