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"Quickie" Eyelash Extension Glue

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SUPER FAST DRY TIME- .5 to 1-second dry time 
  • Best if  kept & used in temperatures between 68-75 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Recommended Humidity levels between 30-70%  
  • Long-lasting adhesive 
  • Oil-proof
  • Waterproof 
  • Sweat-proof

How To Care For The Glue Nozzle:

  • Wipe the nozzle of the glue with a Lint-Free Wipe after every use. This will keep the adhesive from gathering on the nozzle and causing glue top to clog.

  •  adhesive is a thin viscosity glue that dries fast so it is very important  that you wipe the nozzle right after dispensing .

  • The glue nozzle is so important to keep clean as it will affect the dispensing and longevity of  Glue. 

    Can be used for:
    • Classic Lashing
    • Volume Lashing
    • Easy Fan Volume Lashing
    • Mega Volume Lashing
    • Pre-Made Volume Lashing
    Adhesive GREAT for:
    • 8 weeks  after receiving your order.
    • Whether OPENED or UNOPENED 
    The adhesive should be:
    • Shaken side to side NEVER up and down
    • Shake before each use
    • Shake for 20 seconds to ensure ingredients are well mixed
    • If the glue is not well mixed it will result in retention issues
    • Adhesive Storage:
    • Refrigerate upon receiving to stabilize the ingredients 
    • After can be stored in a cool dry place 
    •  Adhesive will dry within .5 - 1 second in the recommended environment:
    • 68-75 degrees Fahrenheit 
    • 30-70% Humidity Level  
    Product Note:
    Do not use this adhesive if your clients are allergic to any lash adhesive, have had an allergic reaction to lash adhesives in the past, or allergic to cyanoacrylate. 
    Adhesive Contains NO LATEX and NO FORMALDEHYDE

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