Wheeeewwww chile , I first want to start off by saying Happy International Womens' day!  LADIES WE TRULY RUN THE WORLD... BUT you already knew that! Shoutout to all the women who get up and make it happen every single day with a smile.....




I've seen it all my clients never cease to amaze me. As some of you may know last year around this time I sold my Iowa salon and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada; with the hopes of finally being  able to expand my brand  to my full potential. Iowa is very small as well as ,lacks a variety of lash techs.  I have recently decided to travel back to Iowa to give my clients a quality lash experience, as well as keep my brand alive in an area I worked so hard for YEARS . However,  a few of my clients get impatient and simply do not like when they cannot get in for a lash appointment. 

This specific time my client in which I've had for a few years ARRIVED WITH CLUSTER LASHES on the morning of her lash appointment. I was SO CONFUSED. She hadn't notified me she would be needing a removal nor did she book any service or additional time beside her normal full-set  lash appointment. 

I asked my client what type of glue they used because the lashes literally would not budge with any solvent, She then stated  she needed to use the restroom and was unsure what glue was used. Upon returning from the restroom ,my client had ripped ALL of her lashes out with the clusters 🥴. I LITERALLY WAS SO SAD FOR HER!

She stated the "eyelash extensions" were uncomfortable, and had been on for over a month not moving at all. She stated they hurt any time she touched them and felt so hard. 🙄 Now I know what you are thinking WHY would she go to the nail salon when she is a client of yours?  My client simply didn't want to await my next return time and I don't think she anticipated such a bad experience. 



IF THIS WAS AAAAAAAANNNNYYYYY Other RANDOM client  ( AND I DO MEAN ANY) I would have turned her away for the service. Knowing when to say NO is very important!

However, this is a loyal client of mine as well as her having a vacation near and not wanting to be "bald" on the beach. (WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE🙁 )


I will give you few tips to SLAY any lash client . I've also worked on elderly clients whom simply don't have a lot of lashes and picked up some amazing tips along the way. BEFORE the tiktok days lash extensions were meant to give ANY WOMAN a nice extended voluminous lash line and not the battle of decorations and decals. I truly pride myself on being able to slay ANY lash look...... Enough of my rants and old lash lady memories. Listed belie are a few steps I ALWAYS take to ensure i can deliver the best results to ANY client! 

  • ISOLATE VERY CAREFULLY- Isolation is very important; we stress this frequently however when dealing with less lashes you MUST ensure you are not getting ANY stickies as this will make your lash set thinner. 
  • LASH EVERY SINGLE LASH-  NO LASH SHALL BE LEFT BEHIND! Lash every lash with big wide fluffy fans to cover gaps, as well as give your client the illusion of a thicker lash line. 
  • USE TAPE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE - Different  taping methods will help your vision, as well as make your isolation job easier. 
  • DRY LASHES MORE OFTEN- THIS WILL ENSURE; The lash extensions  actually adheres to the natural lash. When lashes are fine and sparse they are naturally much thinner and weaker. Drying excessively makes sure the lashes aren't wet nor weigh down the already "damaged" lash. 
  • USE A NANO MISTER- Nano misters "shock cure" your glue they are a must have! Feel free to watch our FREE  retention video on this method

  • DO NOT BRUSH TOO AGGRESSIVELY - TYPICALLY I brush consistently, and Slightly  aggressive to ensure proper retention, however in this case you DO NOT want to place any additional pressure or irritation on the lashes, brush lightly and more towards ends of lashes, If your client has damaged lashes. 



 I accomplished this look using 5d pro-mades from I love 5d mostly because the BASE of the fan is very thin and lightweight. 


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