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Jasmine Nakea



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Introducing the Jazlash Nano Mister

- The perfect tool for all lash artists! This small, handheld device is designed to spray small droplets of water over newly applied eyelash extensions. Its main purpose is to aid in the quick and effective curing of lash adhesive, ensuring your clients leave with beautiful and long-lasting lashes.

Using the Jazlash Nano Mister is easy‼️

Simply hold it 8-12 inches away from the eyes and move it in a sweeping motion back and forth for up to 20 seconds. The misting function is set to a maximum of 30 seconds, after which the device will automatically shut off. It is important to avoid getting the Nano Mister too close to your client's eyes, as this can result in too much water.

To use, pour water into the outlet in the back of the device using the included plastic tube. The Jazlash Nano Mister is a must-have for any lash artist looking to provide their clients with top-quality service. Order yours today and take your lash game to the next level!

Box includes:

  • 1 Nano Mister

  • 1 USB cable

  • Plastic water tube 

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