The 64th annual Grammys were this weekend here in Las vegas and when I tell you it was A MOVIE i am not lying! 


This years Grammy weekend was unlike any other. I was contacted by CEO & Founder at Black Women In Media to apply makeup on herself and a few others. It was a memory I will never forget and honestly I'm so happy to FINALLY be getting "outside" in vegas.   

I started my morning friday morning around 6 am. Around 8am I  headed too "The House of Blues" located inside Mandalay Bay. Upon arriving I completed 2 full makeup face  applications , and a few touch ups. The event started with an amazing DJ, PLAYING MY favorite 90S throwbacks.  A few wine spritzers and a nice networking room of professionals. Soon after arriving I met Kelly price, took. a few photos and started to feel alot more at ease then i did upon arrival. Kelly price had an amazing acceptance speech, and was very down to earth. She spoke about her struggles throughout Covid ;and fearing never too be able to sing again. Her auro and energy was so pure, it was very refreshing especially in todays climate.


After We were serviced a nice brunch, I WAS ASKED to present Spice, Yola, And Kelly Price with the women in music pre grammy award. No pressure at all right?It was a simple plaque but BABYYY was I nervous. Turns out VANNA WHITE ain't got nothing on me; the event went successful and empowering,  

Towards the end of the event I met Coodie Film director for "JEENYUS" and A SLEW of other significant direction in Hollywood films. Being from Chicago, Kanye west, his influence, as well as talented people he's surrounded by such as Coodie  are VERY inspiring to me. DREAMS and goals always seem more attainable when someone from your hometown has accomplished it for some reason. 



..... I ended my night soaking up all the new business contacts , I made, as well as new goals for any events i attend in the future. Vegas is turning around for me day by day little by little. I thank god every day for the strength to keep gong





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