It's not easy staying positive being; almost EVERYTHING in our day to day life has been effected and changed drastically. So, just to update everyone on how the Covid-19 has effected me personally; I own an eyelash & makeup salon located in Dubuque Iowa. I also own & manage A online E-commerce store providing beauty and eyelash extension essentials to other professionals and beauty lovers. 

My salon has been shut down indefinitely for about 7 weeks and I have roughly another week to go!

I originally didn't take the virus quite serious because of the "flu" like description we were considerably told for some time. It is quite obvious now that this will go down in HISTORY as one of the biggest pandemic THE WORLD has ever seen.

Although I have really felt this erie feeling of "something" happening I had no idea it would be something so simple. As someone who feels their happiest when they are earning a living, and doing what they love I must tell you IM NOT UNHAPPY AT HOME! 


I Think the pandemic has taught me to view EVERYTHING as a blessing OR A lesson! I've also started living by the quote "No risk; NO REWARD". Playing it safe in business seems to only earn a SAFE amount of money,and we are in it for the millions AND BILLIONS!


What did you learn in a positive way following the pandemic?

What POSITIVE new habit did you develop?